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Founded in 2009, ORIENTAL-UNION SPORT GOODS CO.,LTD. is a leading Fencing Equipment manufacturing and trading enterprise that is composed of blade, weapon parts, mask, lame, protective uniform and bags etc.

Located in Wuxi City, a well-developed city approximately 60 miles away from Shanghai, we have a strong workforce with professional expertise and years of experience in handling international business.

Since establishment, Union Fencing has been putting focus on quality making and customer's satisfaction. We also passed the certification of latest European Safety Standards(CE350N+CE800N) conducted by IFTH(FIE-approved Testing House)

We have our own fencing brand "AKA GEAR". This brand was registered in China.The fencing productsd with "AKA GEAR" brand are getting recognition from more and more customers around the world.

For the past years, we have been striving to offer the best quality-price ratio for all our fencing products. As a plus, we also have a strong and professional sales team. With us, you get prompt and desired reply within 24 hours. Our sales team is always available via email,phone, fax, or on-line messenger.

All in all, we look forward to establish mutual-benefit business cooperation in various forms with different companies in this world.

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